Series on young artists working with NFT's


Janus is a scientific magazine published by University Hospital Amsterdam UMC

Estate Real?

Series for Dutch business magazine Quote about young real estate entrepreneurs

Samurai soul

Bjørn Aris is a former investment banker who became a full time samurai. He is a master of iaido, Japanese swordsmanship. Iaido approximately translates as "the way of mental presence and immediate reaction". It is a solitary practice, whereby one fights an imaginary opponent in the form of kata. Great emphasis is laid on precise, controlled, fluid motion but the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the practice are equally, if not more, important. Thank you Bjørn, It was a pleasure and a privilege to do this project with you!


or Tegenslag in Dutch is a series about adversity and how people adapt to it. For Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad


Campaign for Dutch pension fund MN featuring pensioners, members and employees

FD Portraits

Portraits of entrepreneurs, executives & businesspeople for dutch financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad

Het Zuiderlicht

Portrait series of clients of consultancy firm Het Zuiderlicht to celebrate their 10 year anniversary in 2015

Thomas van Luyn

Shoot with cabaret artist Thomas van Luyn at former shipyard NDSM in Amsterdam.